8th August – Solar Racing Cars Powered by Trina Solar’s IBC Cells

The Osaka Sangyo University (OSU) Solar Car, equipped with Trina Solar’s Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) cells and modules won the “Dream Class”* of the 2016 FIA Alternative Energies Cup Solar Car Race held at Suzuka, Japan on 6th August, 2016. The OSU Solar Car was 100% powered by Trina Solar’s highest efficiency IBC cells and were cut into a one quarter (78x78mm2) in order to to accommodate and improve the efficiency of the car. This was the second time OSU collaborated with Trina Solar for the prestigious Solar Car racing.

In 2017, the State Key Laboratory (SKL PVST) will continue developing high-efficiency IBC modules for solar racing cars and participate in the races, including Suzuka and probably the 2017 World Solar Challenge (Australia) if we find the right partner to win.

*Dream Class:  the “Dream Class” is a 5-hour race where the racing car is largely dependent on the power generation capacity of the solar cells rather than the battery, and requires the team to carefully manage the energy consumption under the intermittent weather conditions. 

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