Development of high-efficiency industrial p-type multi-crystalline PERC solar cells with efficiency greater than 21% Improved evaluation of saturation currents and bulk lifetime in industrial Si solar cells by the quasi steady state photoconductance decay method 22.13% Efficient Industrial p-Type Mono PERC Solar Cell 6 inch IBC cells with efficiency above 23.5% fabricated with low-cost industrial technologies Pilot production of 6 inch IBC solar cells yeilding a median efficiency of 23% with a low cost industrial process Effect of Sn Doping on Dislocation and Minority Carrier Lifetime of Directional Solidified mc-Si A route towards high efficiency N-type PERT solar cells Reliability of bonding of the rail attachment fixture to the rear glass of Dual glass PV modules Reliability of low temperate conductive film interconnection process for PV modules 22.2% Efficient n-type PERT solar cell 20.8% PERC Solar Cell on 156 mm × 156 mm P-Type Multi-Crystalline Substrate 335-W World-Record p-Type Monocrystalline Module With 20.6% Efficient PERC Solar Cells A Method to Test Operating Cell Temperature for BIPV Modules Development of a large area n-type PERT cell with high efficiency of 22% using industrially feasible technology Analysis of the performance of PV modules with cell-string level optimizers from a LCOE perspective Titanium oxide:A Re-emerging optical and passivating material for silicon solar cells A large-volume manufacturing of multi-crystalline silicon solar cells with 18.8% efficiency incorporating practical advanced technologies Dislocation-limited performance of advanced solar cells determined by TCAD modeling Researches on the influence of the environmental factors of the temperature and the humidity on the module power degradation Researches on the wind and snow load withstanding performance of the solar modules Influence of the microstructures of the amorphous silicon window layer on the crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells Researches of the indoor hot spots of solar cells with various defects Researches on the outdoor demonstration test of solar modules Researches on the outdoor operational generation performance of the smart solar modules inserted with string level optimizer Influence of the module encapsulating materials on the PID performance Processing routes of the 6-inch high-efficiency n-PERT solar cells Researches of the climatic conditions on the light induced degradation of the mono solar modules Underdense a-Si:H film capped by a dense film as the passivation layer of a silicon heterojunction solar cell Development of an outdoor photovoltaic module test platform The Influence of Changing PV Array Interconnections under a Non-uniform Irradiance Output characteristics of TCT structure PV array under the non-uniform irradiation Operating temperatures of open-rack installed photovoltaic inverters Study of bypass diode reliability under non-uniform irradiance distribution on PV module surface Interface Processing of Amorphous–Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Prior to the Formation of Amorphous-to-Nanocrystalline Transition Phase Investigation of positive roles of hydrogen plasma treatment for interface passivation based on silicon heterojunction solar cells Phosphorous diffusion gettering of n-type CZ silicon wafers for improving the performances of silicon heterojunction solar cells

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