23rd June – 2014 Annual Meeting & Academic Committee Meeting of SKL Convenes in Trina Solar

On June 19-20, 2014 Annual Meeting & Academic Committee Meeting of State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology (hereinafter SKL) were held in Trina Solar Headquarters. Committee Director Dr. Shen Hui, Committee Members Academician Chu Junhao, Academician You Xiaozeng, and the specially-invited experts Dr. Pietro Altermatt from the Solar Energy Research Institute of Germany, Dr. Sarah Kurtz from the American Renewable Energy Laboratory, as well as the Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Changzhou High-tech Zone Jia Xiujuan and other officials from Changzhou relevant departments and Trina Solar management members attended the meeting.

Trina Solar Senior Vice President and President for Module Business Unit Zhu Zhiguo kicked off the meeting by highlighting the contributions of SKL to the PV industry and expressed the determination of Trina Solar to promoting solar to grid parity by the SKL innovation platform. The participates contributed their wisdoms on topics included but not limited to how to improve the efficiency and profits of silicon solar cells, the domestic and overseas PV research and present situation and opportunities of the PV industry, new PV products research and prospects, opportunities and challengers in the emerging markets, etc.. The committee members also discussed on topics of the SKL development such as energy conservation and cost reduction, market development and technology innovation. The Meeting is expected to provide guidance for the future work of the SKL on technological development and strategy planning.

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