Government Projects

Research on the key technology of heterojunction solar cells with interdigitated back contact structure(BK20161202)

R&D and industrialization of high performance and low cost N type crystalline silicon solar cellsBA2016095)

The key techniques of novel perovskite structured solar cells (BE2014147-5)

Mechanical loading test failure analysis and countermeasures of c-Si PERC photovoltaic devices (SBK20151192)

Research on LID mechanism of crystalline silicon solar cells (SBK20151192)

Research on enhanced spectral absorption of micro-nano resonant structure and its application on solar cells (SBK20150275)

Device physics and loss analysis for industry-level crystalline silicon solar cell (BK20140273)

Research on optical two-dimensional crystal orientation detecting techniques for multi-crystalline silicon (BK20140272)

Developing equipment and process for tightly aligned finger printing on the next generation selective emitter lines for silicon solar cells (BZ2014004)

Integration of the Pattern Transfer Printing (PTP) system into the metallization line in the PV cell production (BZ2013002)

Research and development of test equipment for accelerated aging testing of PV modules (2015AA050303)

Key techniques for industrialization & product testing of high efficiency anti-PID P-type crystalline silicon solar cells and modules (2015AA050302)

Key manufacture technologies for MW scale thin film/crystalline heterojunction solar cell (BA2011057)

The industrialization key technology and demonstration production line for efficiency more than 21% IBC cell (SS2012AA50303)

The research of key issues of efficient high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell technology (2010CB736205)

The basic research of high efficiency and low defect casting crystalline silicon solar cells (No. 012CB724407)

R&D and industrialization of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells

R&D and industrialization of MW level square crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell (BA2011057)

The hot spot mechanisms and countermeasures research for PV module based on temperature rise (BK2011263)

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